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The Spiderwick Chronicles is a fantasy book series consisting of five books by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi, published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.


The books features the three Grace children: Jared, Simon and Mallory, who finds a mysterious Field Guide hidden in the attic, written by their great-great-uncle Arthur Spiderwick, who studied Faeries — magical beings who hide themselves from Humans using a type of magic called glamour. Soon, the children gets involved in this Invisible World and have to defend the Field Guide from the evil, shape-shifting Ogre Mulgarath and his army of Goblins.


The Field Guide[]

The first book, The Field Guide, was published in May 2003. It opens in Maine, New England, where the three Grace children moves into the old, ramshackle Spiderwick Estate along with their mother, Helen. It doesn't take long until mysterious things start to happen, and when Jared finds a mysterious Field Guide in the attic, he discovers that the events are caused by a Boggart; a troublesome, nasty little creature that was once a helpful Brownie named Thimbletack. Jared is blamed for the mischief that the Boggart causes, and it is only his twin brother Simon that believes him when he says that it wasn't him. Finally, Jared convinces his older sister Mallory to help with creating a new home for the Boggart, as they had destroyed the first one. And, after a week, they see the house Brownie Thimbletack, who warns them about how dangerous the book can be.

The Seeing Stone[]

The second book, The Seeing Stone, was also published in May 2003. When Simon Grace is kidnapped by a band of vicious Goblins, Thimbletack leads Mallory and Simon to an awkward object: a Seeing Stone, which allows one to see invisible Fey.

Lucinda's Secret[]

The third book was published in 2003. The synopsis reads: Let the story of my niece and nephews be a warning. The more you know, the more danger you're in. And trust me, you don't want to meddle with the Little People. -- S.S.

The Ironwood Tree[]

The fourth book was published in 2004. The synopsis reads: First a pack of vile, smelly goblins snatch Simon. Then a band of elves try to entrap Jared. Why is the entire faerie world so eager to get their hands on Spiderwick's Guide? And will the Grace kids be left alone, now that the Guide has mysteriously disappeared? Don't count on it.

At school, someone is running around pretending to be Jared, and it's not Simon. To make matters even worse, now Mallory has disappeared and something foul in the water is killing off all the plants and animals for miles around. Clues point to the old abandoned quarry, just outside of town. Dwarves have taken over an abandoned mine there. And the faerie world's abuzz with the news that a creature with plans to rule the world has offered them a gift to join with him -- he's given them a queen...

The Wrath of Mulgarath[]

The fifth book in the series was published in 2004. The synopsis reads: Three ordinary kids, Jared, Simon, and Mallory Grace, have entered another world -- without leaving this one! Two remarkable talents, New York Times best-sellers Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black, have risked everything to bring this remarkable account to light.