The Phooka


Black Phooka (Praestigator fuscus)

This Phooka lived in an old maple tree just outside the Elven Grove.


The Phooka was sighted and portrayed by Arthur Spiderwick when he traveled to the Grove.

When Jared, Simon and Mallory Grace went looking for their great-great-uncle Arthur, whom had been kidnapped by the Elves when he refused to give them the Guide, they encountered the Phooka. It sat high in its maple tree and talked in riddles and appeared to be overall insane. Mallory had followed on the condition that they would go back to the Estate as soon as things "got weird", and she said that the Faerie was "about as weird as it gets". However, Simon asked about what's up ahead. He also said that they got lost when the grass started moving. The Phooka answered that if grass can move, a boy can probably find himself rooted in the ground, referring to when the Elves threatened to keep Jared, pretended to be Simon, imprisoned in the Invisible World forever. When the children walked into the Grove, the Phooka said that it was something it had to tell them. It said that what an author doesn't know could fill a book, and than it disappeared up into the tree.
The Phooka

The Phooka.

When the children, their mother, Aunt Lucy, Thimbletack and Hogsqueal walked down to the Grove to give the Elves the Field Guide after defeating Mulgarath, Jared thought he heard the Phooka say "Clever is as clever does", but it might just have been the wind or his memory.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Phooka could, just like all other of his species, shape-shift into several other creatures, including a black dog, an ass and apparently also a Sprite.

He could turn his head upside down to get a better perspective.

Personality and traitsEdit

The Phooka always talked in riddles, which could make him look insane in others' eyes.