The Nixie's Song


September 2007
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The Nixie's Song is the first book in the Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles series. It was written by Holly Black, illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi and published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers in September 2007 the plot The Spiderwick Chronicles leave the old-fashioned charm of New England far behind and head south for some fiendish faerie fun in the hot Florida sun. Eleven-year-old Nicholas Vargas only thinks his life has been turned upside down after his developer father remarries and moves his new wife and daughter into the soon-to-be-completed Mangrove Hollow. But an "expedition" to a nearby lake turns up a little nixie with a giant problem - the huge, lumbering, fire-breathing variety - and it's up to Nick; his stepsister, Laurie; and his big brother, Julian (plus a familiar face from the original Spiderwick Chronicles) to figure out the best way to stop a host of rampaging giants before all of Florida goes up in smoke. But it's going to be hard with Noseeum jack tagging along.


  • Introduction to Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Full-Page Illustrations
  • Map of Mangrove Hollow — "A Community Set in Nature"
  • Chapter One IN WHICH There Are Many Different Sorts of Developments
  • Chapter Two IN WHICH Nicholas Goes for an Ill-Fated Walk
  • Chapter Three IN WHICH Nicholas Lifts More Than an Eyebrow
  • Chapter Four IN WHICH Nicholas Sees for the Second Time
  • Chapter Five IN WHICH Nick Steps onto More Trouble
  • Chapter Six IN WHICH Laurie Reconsiders Things
  • Chapter Seven IN WHICH We Nearly Break the Fourth Wall
  • Chapter Eight IN WHICH a Plan Is Hatched
  • Chapter Nine IN WHICH They Go According to the Plans, but the Plans Go Awry