The Leaf-Horned Elf


Wood Elf (Dryas nemorivagans)

The Leaf-Horned Elf was a male Elf who lived in the Elven Grove alongside many others of his species, including Lorengorm and The Green-Eyed Elf. He was apparently one of the ruling elders of the tribe.


The Elves were worried about Arthur Spiderwick and his Field Guide to the Faerie World. Therefore, they demanded him to destroy the book until a meeting with him the evening of September the 6th, 1935. Arthur tried to trick the Fey by burning another book and hiding the real one. When the Elves discovered this, they imprisoned Arthur in the Faerie Kingdom for almost 80 years, magic making Arthur to remain the exact same age while his little daughter grew up into an old woman.

When the Grace children moved into the Spiderwick Estate, they soon discovered the Field Guide and the Invisible World and started to search for Arthur. The tracks led them down to the Elven Grove, where they met the Leaf-Horned Elf, Lorengorm and the Green-Eyed Elf. The Elves threatened to capture Jared in the Invisible World forever if the children didn't gave them the Field Guide, but their house Brownie/Boggart, Thimbletack, had stolen it. The Elves did not believe the children when they told the story. However, Jared managed to break free by pretending to be Simon. He made the Elves promise "Jared" and Mallory would be allowed to leave and if they ever came back to the Grove, they wouldn't be kept prisoners. But if they didn't came back with the Field Guide, "Simon" would be imprisoned in the Invisible World forever. "Jared" and Mallory left, and "Simon" ordered the Elves to release him. After showing the initials on his backpack- J. E. G. (Jared Evan Grace)- Jared was allowed to go.

When the evil Ogre Mulgarath was defeated and the Field Guide brought back to the Grace kids, the Elves sent a message on a leaf which blew in through one of the Spiderwick Estate's window: "The time has come. Meet us tonight under the full moon. Bring the book." Jared, Simon, Mallory, their mother Helen, their Aunt Lucinda, Thimbletack and Hogsqueal walked down to the Grove with the Field Guide. When the children handed the book to the Elves, however, the Fey returned it, saying they knew they could trust the children. The Elves also said they wanted to offer the family a boon. The children said they wanted their uncle Arthur to choose whether he wanted to stay in the Faerie realm or not. Sadly, as soon as Arthur's feet touched the ground, he became ash and blew away into the night. The Grace family returned home.

Personality and traitsEdit

The Leaf-Horned Elf disliked Humans before the Grace children defeated Mulgarath. He wanted, just like the rest of Elven Grove, to keep the Guide safe from those who wished to use the information for evil.

Behind the scenesEdit

In early sketches for the third book in the Spiderwick Chronicles, Tony DiTerlizzi planned to draw the Leaf-Horned Elf a bit younger than he is in the final design.