Notebook for Fantastical Observations

was a male Brownie that helped with chores in the house of a girl called Kelly L..

Physically, Skifflewhim was depicted as "really little, with big hairy ears and pants made from an old leather glove". The little Brownie used to "hop around", making Kelly's clothes "dance themselves into the drawers". The girl's hair would part and braid itself out before she woke up, and her dolls would march right onto the shelves. But when Kelly noticed that when she left some scraps of food out for the Brownie, the Faerie would eat everything she didn't like: brussels sprouts, beets and liver. The Human started to wonder what he wouldn't eat. She left out raw onion and a bunch of worms from the garden, and he ate them. But when she left out kitty litter, Skifflewhim became angered and turned into a Boggart. He took all of the kitty litter, threw it all over the room and even filled Kelly's sheets with it. Even when she left out some real food as compensation, he didn't show up again a single time.

Because of that, Kelly started to throw her clothes at the floor, kick of the covers of her bed and stopped to clean up her toys. All this was because she thought that she had to be as messy as possible, so the Boggart couldn't make things worse.

It's unknown if she ever came up with a better idea or if Skifflewhim ever became a Brownie again.