Spriggan (Scientific name unknown)
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A small trash-eating faerie with a fondness for sand and a constant hunger, Sandspur is caught by Laurie and Nick and kept as a pet. Despite his first attempts to escape, he accepts Nick and Laurie and follows them around even after they try to get rid of him. Although Taloa calls him a "hob " in The Nixie's Song and Laurie calls him a hobgoblin in A Giant Problem , he is later identified by Laurie as a spriggan in The Wyrm King when his hunger makes him swell up. He is therefore the only creature in the books (other than the Wyrm King and the humanoid insects from The Nixie's Song) whose species is not mentioned in Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide . Despite this under Goblins in the Field Guide there is a Goblin with a bottle on its back just like Sandspur. In the end of the book, he apparently is also able to use glamour to make himself look like a cat.