Robinson Creek was a small river that passed north of Spiderwick Mansion.


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The river floated down some heights northwest of the Estate, floated just south of the Junkyard, passed under a bridge at Rountree Street, continued through the forest and under an old bridge that once hosted a hungry Troll, and soon after that, the river split up in two separate flows: the north one passed under another bridge at Rountree Street and continued up west of the Old Quarry; the south one continued flowing through the forest for a while, before splitting up in two rivers again. The north ended up in a small lake next to the crossing of Rountree Street and Riccenbach Way, the south passed under a bridge at Riccenbach Way and soon after threw itself out of a waterfall that then continued to flow to the east. A lily pond was located at this part of the Creek.


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On May the 4th, 1916, Arthur Spiderwick discovered a male River Troll that lurked on under the old bridge in the Forest. The earlier owners had warned the Spiderwick family for letting horses graze to close to the northern end of the meadow. This proves that the earlier owners knew of the Invisible World, or at least of the Troll under the bridge.