Riggenbach Boggart

Richenbach Boggart

Common House Boggart (Bustos domesticus).
Riggenbach Estate

This Boggart lived in an estate known as the Riggenbach Estate.

On September the 6th, 1909, Arthur Spiderwick visited the Estate. Its owners believed it was haunted, but Arthur soon find that it, in fact, was merely an unusually mischievous little Boggart. The Faerie tried to steal the Human's spectacles, and also carried around on one of Arthur's pencils and a lock of someone's hair in its pocket. The Boggart was often holding a broken glass shard and wore a pair of stolen doll shoes.

The Boggart had, for some reason, small rudimentary wings.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sometimes, the Riggenbach Boggart is mistaken for the Boggart form of Thimbletack. This is likely due to the fact that Jared Grace believed that the first Boggart plate in Arthur's Field Guide represented the Boggart who lived in the Spiderwick Estate, since he found the book in the Estate.