The Black Phooka (Praestigator fuscus) who lived outside the Elven Grove.

This is what's written in Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You about Phookas.

Phookas (Family: Praestigiatoridae) Edit

This mischievous and roguish trickster can appear in the form of a horse, rabbit, goat, dog or sometimes even a human. But no matter what form the Phooka takes, its fur is almost always dark. In horse form, a Phooka will lure humans to ride on its back. Unlike a Kelpie, however, the Phooka will not do the rider any real harm but will take the unfortunate person on a wild and terrifying ride.

On occasion the Phooka can be persuaded to advise and has been known to shepherd people away from great danger. For these reasons, despite the Phooka's delight in confounding and terrifying humans, it is considered more benevolent than malevolent.

It is the Phooka who spoils the blackberries after the first of November. Anyone who eats one after that date is stealing from the phooka and likely to be on the receiving end of this faerie's displeasure or devious sense of humor.

Known speciesEdit

  • Black Phooka (Praestigator fuscus)

Additional factsEdit

A Phooka can, like an owl, rotate its head, but not from front to back, but upside-down. More than one has claimed this gives them a better perspective on things.

It seems Phookas have a double set of ears and several smaller, simple eyes, like an insect.

These creatures claim they can speak all languages, Humans and animals alike.

A Phookas' tail twitches when it is annoyed, not unlike the tail of a cat.

Many Phookas prefer the shape of a small, black pony.

Some live in trees, others reside on the ground near Human settlements.

Known PhookasEdit

One Phooka lived in a large maple tree outside the Elven Grove and was encountered by both Arthur Spiderwick and his descendants.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Irish folklore and Welsh mythology, the Púca is also known as Phooka, Pooka, Pwca, Púka, Bwca or Bhooka. It is a shape-shifting Goblin who appears as a black bull, small horse, man with a horse's lower body{centarian}, goat, big dog, Human, or Satyr like creature. It also spoils the blackberries and destroys the harvest.