The Old Quarry was a location northeast to the Spiderwick Mansion and west of the J. Waterhouse School. The quarry hosted a significant number of Dwarves.


  • The Korting
  • A lot of other Dwarves
  • Mechanical clockwork animals
    • Silver dogs
    • A golden rat with sapphire eyes
    • A silver rabbit
    • Copper birds
    • A silver peafowl with tail feathers of lapis lazuli and corals
    • A copper mouse
  • A Knocker
  • A lot of bats
  • Some kind of blind, white fish
  • Spiders


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Arthur Spiderwick once encountered a Dwarf named Jarlite in the Quarry (it is believed it was in the Quarry, however it could have been another place).

The Korting and his people allied with Mulgarath the Ogre and his army of Goblins and supported them by making fine swords to them. The Dwarves dreamed about a world of mechanical animals and Ironwood forests and believed that the Ogre would make it possible but they were all killed by Mulgarath's Goblins. The Ogre motivated his demanding by saying that it wouldn't be any fun to rule over a mechanical world, because he wanted a living world of flesh, bone and blood.


Masssicare at the old Qurrey

Combatants The dwarfs of the old Qurrey led by the Korting and 50 or so dwarfs half who didn't have swords.

.The Goblins of the Junkyard led by Warmrat and Mulgurath and about 30 or so all with weapons.

the battle was kicked off when Warmrat attacked and the dwarfs did fight valliantly but with being outnumbered the Korting eventually was killed with the rest of his kin. As for the dwarfs they are ether extinct or fled to the depths of the Qurrey.