Balcorus, a Perrault's Ogre (Horrifer perraultanus).

This is what's written in Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You about Ogres.

Ogres (Family: Stultibrutidae)Edit

Ogres often trade on their strength, despite having 'better than average' intelligence. They live as scavengers, bullying humans and other faeries into giving up their food, land, and wealth. Luckily, ogres are both vain and lazy, attributes often leading to their downfall.

Descended from giants, ogres are quite large in their natural form. They have the ability to shape-shift into creatures both smaller and larger than themselves, but they then share the strengths and limitations of each. In order to shift into a form, the ogre must have previously seen the creature it wishes to become, and it can only remain in that guise for a limited duration. In the fable "Puss in Boots", written in the eighteenth century, the clever Puss outsmarts one nasty, conniving ogre by convincing him to turn into a mouse.

Ogres are solitary creatures and it would be highly unusual to see more than one in the same place. Abandoned mansions, factories, hospitals, and other massive, isolated buildings may house ogres; they find such places more to scale for their sizes. 





Sometimes Ogres are described as lords of the forest; the picture describes an ogre holding a silver goblet. One way to tell if a person you know is actually an ogre is by their eyes. If they have a yellow-ish glow to them, an ogre is the likely shape-shifter.

Known speciesEdit

  • Perrault's Ogre (Horrifer perraultanus)
  • Spiny-Crest forest Ogre (Scientific name unknown)

Known OgresEdit

Mulgarath was an Ogre who had gathered Goblins around him and tried to take over the world with the help of some Dwarves and Dragons, however he was defeated by the Grace children.

Balcorus was an Ogre encountered and portrayed by Arthur Spiderwick during his work with the Field Guide.

There is another ogre in the Field Guide not named, but was most likely Mulgarath.

Behind the scenesEdit

In British folklore, an Ogre (Ogress in femininum) is a large, hideous, humanoid monster who have low intelligence and often eat Humans. In modern fantasy, it is popular to depict Ogres as highly intelligent instead of dumb and brutish.