Freshwater Nixie

This is what's written in Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You about the Nixies.

Nixies (Family: Naiadidae)Edit

Guardians of freshwater pools and streams, nixies, (also called naiads and nixes) are bound to the body of water in which they dwell.

They are most commonly spotted alone and can be identified by the liquid continuously streaming from their hair and clothes as well as the greenish sheen of their skin. Nixies are amphibious and, unlike mermaids, they have legs rather than a tail.

Nixies love music and dancing. Look for instruments made from reeds, especially pipes, near the banks of streams. Unlike their Merfolk cousins, they are very curious about land dwellers. They are bound to their body of water and, much like treefolk may only venture a little way from their trees, can only venture a short distance from their pools. Therefore, they rely on other faeries to bring them information.


Occasionally nixies will lure a human into their pools with their singing and instruments, but they are usually more interested in company than in drowning their visitor.

Known speciesEdit

 *Freshwater Nixie (Nympha lymphae)

Additional factsEdit

Nixies are herbivores. They can form bonds with freshwater animals like frogs who will lay down in their hands without fear.

Naiads have a translucent nictitating membrane that works as a third eyelid and protects the eye while underwater.

They have neither nails nor hair. Like the related Merpeople, Nixies have "hair" which are really external gill filaments that take up oxygen from the water around them when they swim, allowing them to stay submerged indefinitely if they wish. Their skin has a beautiful, opalescent green sheen similar to a frog's belly.

Arthur Spiderwick had heard of male individuals, but he himself only encountered females. It is possible that the creatures have the same gender-shifting abilities as Mermaids.

Just like mermaids, nixies can cast spells and hypnotise humans, animals and other faeries with their songs and the music from their reed pipes. They have incredible stamina and can sing for hours. Nixie magic can also grant people the ability to live underwater so nixies can take them as companions.

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Known NixiesEdit

Taloa, Ooki and Ibi was the three most famous Nixies and were highly involved in the adventures of the Vargas children.

Behind the scenesEdit

In German mythology, a Nix or Nixe is a type of Merman or respectively Mermaid who lives in rivers and lakes, luring people into the water.

In Greek mythology, a Naiad is a type of Nymph (female nature spirit) who protects lakes and streams. They are bound to their body of water and if it dries up, the naiad will die.