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Another sketch of Mulgarath

Mulgarath was a male Ogre that tried to take over the world, but was defeated by the Grace children.

Biography of the OgreEdit

At August the 13th, 1927, Arthur Spiderwick encountered Mulgarath at the Junkyard. The Ogre didn't tell Arthur his name, even though he got interested in the Field Guide of the Invisible World Arthur was working on. Arthur decided to sever contact with the Ogre as he did not trust him.


Ogre in movie

Mulgarath at some point after that started to gather the Goblins around him and breed Drakes. The Goblins followed him because they were afraid of him. Mulgarath decided that a Goblin called Wormrat should be his second-in-command. He made an alliance with the Dwarves in the Old Quarry and said that they would be able to remake the world in gold and silver and iron if they made weapons to his army. The Ogre soon discovered that the three children who had moved into the old Spiderwick Estate along with their mother was aware of the Invisible World, and therefore he sent his Goblins to abduct Simon and bring him to the
Goblin Camp. Simon's siblings went after him, and after outsmarting a River Troll, releasing a foul-mouthed Hob from his cage and bringing home a wounded Gryphon, the children where able to get Simon back home.

A few weeks later, Mallory was kidnapped by Dwarves. Mulgarath was at the Waterhouse School, disguised to a copy of a blonde girl and later Jared, searching for the Field Guide in Mallory's sports bag during a fencing match. Jared discovered it and followed "Not-Jared" out in the corridor, confronting him with a knife. When the vice principal showed up, Mulgarath changed into a little boy, who ran away. Apparently, when Mallory was packing up her things after the match, "some kid said that you [Simon and Jared] were in trouble". Apparently, that kid was Mulgarath in disguise.

Later, Mulgarath and his army (including a involuntarily
Hogsqueal) destroyed the Spiderwick Estate in the search for the Field Guide. They ruined all rooms completely, killed Simon's pets and eventually found the Guide. They leaved, with Hogsqueal left behind on the roof with a hungry, half-tamed Byron chasing him. At a later point, the Ogre demanded his Goblins to kill all of the Dwarves in the Old Quarry right after they had handed over the ordered weapons. Firstly, he didn't need them anymore. Secondly, the Dwarves had their own dream of a mechanical world of gold and metal, but Mulgarath wanted a world of "flesh and blood and bone".
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The slaughter was witnessed by the terrified Grace children, whom had just escaped the Quarry.