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Deep Cavern Knocker

Knockers (Family: Cavernahabentidae)Edit

Also known as kobolds, these enigmatic creatures most commonly live in mines, mimicking the sounds of miners by tapping against the rock walls. It is said they do their own mining at night when all the humans have departed, but since they do not appear to craft metal, it is unclear what they are seeking under the ground.

Knockers are valued because they will warn miners of impending disaster (like collapses) by pounding on the walls. Sometimes the pounding sounds like it's coming from all directions, alluding to a large number of creatures, but this may merely be a trick of the acoustics.'


Knockers cannot abide whistling and swearing. They will cause small showers of stones to fall on anyone performing these actions or in other ways disrespecting them.

Outside of mines, knockers can be found in wells, caves, and sometimes even in basements.


Known speciesEdit

  • Deep Cavern Knocker (Amicus auritus)

Additional factsEdit


A Knockers' translucent skin is covered in fine hairs like a peach.

Their ears can move independently of one another, just like the cat's or horse's.

Knockers are related to Goblins and Hobgoblins, and just like them, Knockers tend to collect Human artifacts and become fascinated by them.

Known KnockersEdit

One Knocker lived in Old Quarry. When the three Grace children escaped from there, they received help of the little Kobold.


Behind the scenesEdit

In German folklore, a Kobold is a Dwarf-like being who knocks on the cavern walls of mines, either pointing out a rich lode or warning of collapses and choke damp. Around the British Isles, a similar creature is known as a Knocker. Also, in Scandinavia, there is a Faerie called a Gruvrå ("Mine Watcher"), Gruvfru ("Mine Lady") or Bergrå ("Mountain Watcher") who has adopted the same function. Most commonly, she appears as a beautiful woman in a grey dress, but can also look like an ugly witch, a bearded little man {Dwarf}, a bat or some other animal.



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