A Gnome is said to be some kind of small creature who likes to lives in lawns. A member of the International Sprite League once bought a Sprite through "dubious channels", and was delivered "a lawn gnome with wings taped to its back". Al igual que los enanos los gnomos tienen una increible habilidad trabajando metales y piedras preciosas.

"Gnome" could also be another name for Leprechaun, Pixie, or some other small creature. But most likely it's non-living garden accessory.

Behind the scenesEdit

In folklore, Gnomes are small Faeries, in appearance, resembles the Swedish Tomte, Vätte, or sometimes a British Brownie or even a Dwarf. Most common in Great Britain, these small fellows lived close to Humans, often in lawns or under houses, but would do their own business. They are very small (often around 15 to 20 centimeters tall) and often wear pointy, red hats and clothing in everything between clear blue and dirt brown. They are stronger than Humans and possess powerful magic. From the beginning, there was only one Gnome, who, along with the Sylph, the Salamander and the Undine, was one of the four Elementals, who represented the four Elements: earth (Gnome), air (Sylph), water (Undine) and fire (Salamander).

It's unknown how much of the above info is correct according to the Spiderwick Gnomes.