Glamour is a kind of magic employed by the inhabitants of the Invisible World to hide themselves from Humans. Those who have the Sight can see through glamour.

Examples of glamourEdit

The most common way to use glamour among Fey is to simply become invisible, but they can also appear as other things.

  • Goblins can appear as large toads, their ears as dead leaves.
Some species of Goblins have Sprite-like growths on their foreheads, which they use to lure in their favorite food closer in the manner of anglerfish, keeping the body invisible.
  • Sprites can appear as flowers or exotic insects.
  • Trolls can appear as mossy boulders.
  • Spriggans can look like cats.
  • Some Faerie types don't need glamour; they can shape-shift:
Ogres can shape-shift into many different creatures.
Dwarves can turn into tree stumps or boulders, but if you look closely, you may be able to see their facial features in the wood or rock.
Phookas can change shape to a goat, cat, dog, rabbit, horse, or even a Human, but their fur/hair is almost always dark.
Thimbletack shape-shifted at one point, when he became extremely angry with Jared.