Faeries, also known as fairies or fey, is a term used by both themselves and Humans to describe any magical creature that lives in the Invisible World. "Faerie" could also be another name for the Invisible World itself.

Common traitsEdit



All faeries normally use a type of magic called glamouring in order to hide themselves from humans. Those humans who have the Sight can see through faerie glamours.

No faerie (except Dwarves) can handle iron or materials made from iron, such as steel. If a faerie touches iron, the exposed spot will be burned and damaged.

Many faeries are violently "allergic" to human household chemicals, and also salt. On the other hand, they like milk (best if it is lukewarm).

Those faeries who are intelligent enough to wear clothes often wear green clothing. The color green can draw faeries closer, however, they can be displeased to find a human wearing their color. Red has the opposite effect and causes faeries to shy away just like smoke does to bees, according to the Field Guide.

Another protective method against malevolent faeries is a bunch of twigs — one from an oak, one from an ash and one from some kind of thorn three — bound together with red thread.

Known faerie typesEdit

Faerie porridgeEdit


  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup oat's
  • Tablespoon sugar
  • Handful raisins,dried fruit, or edible flowers


  • Mix together oat's and milk
  • Stir in sugar
  • Drizzle with raisins, fruits or flowers
  • Serve to faeries

Behind the scenesEdit

Even though the term "Fairy" is often identified with small, winged humanoid beings of beauty, the Old British and Irish word "Faerie" encapsulates many different types of magical beings, both small and big, good and bad, and beautiful and ugly.