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Elven Grove is a small wood area south of Spiderwick Estate. A large number of Elves live in the Grove, hence the name.


The Grove is located south of Dulac Drive and west of Riccenbach Way.

It is surrounded by a number of grassy hills filled with Stray Sods to disorient travelers and make them go another way.



It was here Arthur Spiderwick first encountered the Elves (and a Phooka) on May the 5th 1909. The Elder ones were worried about his Field Guide, and demanded the Human to destroy the book in the year 1935. Arthur couldn't ruin his lifework so he hid the Guide in an old coffert in the attic and burned another book. When the Elves discovered this, they imprisoned Arthur. He was held captive for nearly 80 years without aging.

When the Grace children searched for Arthur, they came to the Grove, where the Elves demanded of them again to burn the book. The children replied Thimbletack had stolen it, but the Elves didn't believe them and threatened to hold Jared captive forever; just like Arthur. Jared tricked the Elves by pretending to be Simon, and Simon did vice versa. "Simon" said the Elves must promise to never hold Jared or Mallory captive against their will if anyone was to go and get the Field Guide. The Elves promised, and "Jared" and Mallory left. The real Jared was released when the Faerie found he was not Simon.

When Mulgarath was defeated and the Field Guide saved, the Elves sent a messagevia leaf for the Grace family to meet the Elves in the Grove and hand over Arthur's Field Guide. The children did so, but the Fay returned the book saying they knew the mortals could be trusted and they wanted to meet a wish for them. Simon wished Arthur be released from prison. Arthur appeared, riding on Byron the Griffin. He said goodbye to everyone, especially his daughter Lucinda, whom had grown into an old woman. Then Arthur jumped off Byron, turning to ash and dust the same second he reached the earth and the Grace family walked home.