Care and Feeding of Sprites

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December 2006

Care and Feeding of Sprites is a book written by Holly Black and illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi accompaning the Spiderwick Chronicles and Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You. As the name suggests, the book's subject is how to keep a Sprite as a pet.


  • Letter from Simon Grace
  • Explanation of Terms and Images Used in This Book
  • The Magnificent Sprite
  • Anatomy of a Sprite
  • Selecting Your Sprite
  • Obtaining Your Sprite
  • What's Not a Sprite
  • Sexing Your Sprite
  • Housing Your Sprite
  • Proper Nutrition For Your Growing Sprite
  • Sprite Accessories
  • Grooming Your Sprite
  • Illnesses of Sprites
  • The Many Moods of Your Sprite
  • Keeping Multiple Sprites
  • Reintroducing Your Sprite Into the Wild
  • Showing Your Sprite
  • International Sprite League Mission Statement