This is what's written in Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You about Boggarts.

Boggart (Family: Homunculidae)Edit

Abuse of a brownie, either through neglect of chores, failure to leave out food, or deliberate insult, will turn it into a Boggart

Also known as bogans or bogies, boggarts delight in tormenting those they once protected and will cause milk to sour, doors to slam, dogs to go lame and other mischief.

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The Riggenbach Bogie

The Riggenbach Boggart, a Common House Boggart (Custos domesticus).

Boggart's particularly like to steal food and to hide household items like keys and socks. More common than brownies, boggarts reside in many houses and workplaces. This may be the result of decades of improper treatment of brownies, which were once far more prevalent.

As loyal as brownies, bogarts are almost impossible to get rid of. Many families have fled from a house tormented by a boggart only to find the boggart fleeing with them.

Boggart are sometimes confused with poltergeists because both terrorize households. And as both generally remain unseen, it can be hard to tell the difference. Listen carefully after something goes awry; if muffled laughter is heard, a boggart is the likely culprit.

Known speciesEdit

  • Common House Boggart (Bustos domesticus)
  • Wild Forest Boggart (unknown)

Additional factsEdit


Lickspittle, another Common House Boggart.

A Boggart can be changed back to a Brownie if you are nice to it, or if you feed it honey and crackers, although sometimes the crackers aren't needed.

Known BoggartsEdit

Thimbletack was apparently the most famous Boggart/Brownie, and was highly involved in the adventures of the Grace children.

the Riggenbach Boggart is sometimes confused with Thimbletack, because Jared Grace believed the third plate in the Field Guide to represent Thimbletack, when it actually was a portrait of the Boggart of the Riggenbach Estate.

Another little Bogart was known as Lickspittle.

Skifflewhim was a Brownie who turned into a Bogart when a girl who lived in "his" house, named Kelly L., tried to feed him with kitty litter.

Behind the scenesEdit

In folklore, a Boggart is a malevolent household spirit who enjoys tormenting Humans.

In modern fantasy, it is popular to depict Brownies who become Boggarts when angered.